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Protection of minors

Protection of minors is important to us!

The protection of minors on the Internet is an important topic for our company. We want children and young people to be able to surf safely and not be endangered by our content. For this reason, we have taken special measures to protect minors on our website. and continuously improve these measures.

Family filter and age verification

We have marked our website with the label of the Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle Multimedia (FSM). This allows users on their devices to block our site for children and teenagers. Especially schools, public institutions and households with children should use this function.

Some areas of our website can only be accessed with a secure verification of the user. This age verification corresponds to the requirements of the legislator for closed user groups. As a user access codes received for this system are protected from access by third parties, by children and young people, and never pass them on.

Logo of Voluntary Self-Regulation Multimedia Service Provider Logo of the Youth Protection Program

Protection Officer

You can reach our youth protection officer on all questions of youth protection.

Yes! Protection of Minors. Evaluating body & youth protection officer according to JMStV:
Immo W. Fietz c/o JugendSchutzBeauftragte.Net


We moderate the content that is posted by users in accordance with the requirements of the protection of minors in the following areas content suitable for children and adolescents in the freely accessible areas of our website. Contents - texts and photos - which may not be published in these ranges due to a legal default or according to our value conceptions, are deleted by us preventively.


We take the protection of minors on the Internet very seriously and work continuously to improve our content. in this area. Should you nevertheless notice any content on our website that may be contrary to existing copyright laws, please contact us. If you violate any rules for the protection of minors or our general terms and conditions, or if you notice any of these rules in any other way, please we you to announce these to us with link indication and short description. Alternatively, you can also submit contributions directly via the Report the "Report Violation" link available in the posting menu to us. We will check the content immediately and take care of it if necessary, that this is changed or removed.