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Find friends, dates, and affairs with common interests.

No matter how kinky you are.

About us

What is sinners & saints?

sinners & saints is a service for matchmaking people based on their interests. You sign up, enter your interests and we show you all matching profiles. Additionally, you can filter the results with a powerful filter, e.g. based on their location, relationship status, haircolor and many more!

Can I use sinners & saints for dating?

We help to bring people together that share common interests. You can use it to find friends and dates, but also partners for recreational activities or travelling. We offer you all possibilities!

How is it different from other services?

Other services let you either search for friends, dates or affairs. Some are even restricted to individual genders or sexualities. With us, you can search for likeminded people no matter your goal. Simply enter your interests in the searchbar and find others for recretional activities, hobbies, or even kinky affairs. You like films, running, threesomes and BDSM? Don't just take any date. Find someone you can share this with!

Our features

Matchmaking based on interests

Intuitive and comprehensive. You simply enter your interests and we show you likeminded people.

Many genders and sexualities

No matter your preferences, we got you covered. Hetero, bi, gay, lesbian, trans - we are one plattform for all. It's fair and easier for everybody.

Meet sinners and saints likewise

Make sure your romantic partner shares the same kinks. With us, you can search for any interest. Recreational, romantic, and erotic.

Honest & fair

No ads. No hidden costs. No expensive memberships. No yearly subscriptions. No fake accounts by moderators for attracting paid members. Just an honest service by a bunch of guys loving online matchmaking.

Basic & simple, yet intuitive & effective

No bells and whistles. No social network. We want to keep things simple and focus on one thing: Matchmaking interests.

Matchmaking worldwide

Surely, someone out there matches your interests. That's why everybody can signup from anywhere.

How it works

Male, 40 years old

Step 1: Create a profile & tag your interests

Your interests are the centerpiece of your profile. They tell others what you like and what you are looking for. There is no preselected set of available interests. Just a text box, into which you may enter as many interests as you like. Each word is interpreted as an individual interest, e.g. 'gym movies threesomes bdsm'.

Step 2: Find matching profiles and discover new interests

In your home screen, we automatically show you all profiles and photo uploads, that match your tagged interests. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Use our mighty search filter to focus the results by location, height, weight, haircolor, eyecolor, relationship status, gender, sex and so much more! Browse other peoples' profiles and discover interesting new tags. Or try out new tags yourself by querying for them with our searchbox.


100% free!

We are still beta testing, developing and expanding our service. Our user base is still small. Therefore, membership is 100% free! But if you like our service, please feel free to spread the word and help us get bigger!